Moebus Industries, Inc.
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About Moebus Industries, Inc.

The Technical Liaison Group is a technical service provider that specializes in Product Development, Technology Development, Test Method Validation, Technology Transfer, Equipment Relocation, Commissioning, Validation, Gap Analysis, Cost Reduction Strategies, Re-engineering, Automation, and Process Engineering.

Our people are professional, courteous, and motivated individuals who have lived their lives in the technical and regulatory trenches of the industry.

We know the hardships that can befall a technical operation and can offer cost effective solutions before regulatory issues arise.

Our Philosophy

Finding experienced manpower that is confident and knowledgeable in the relationship between Quality Systems and Technical Operations without increasing overhead costs is very limited in today's environment. We, at The Technical Liaison Group, recognize that there are many corporate challenges in day-to-day business activities. Sometimes our clients just need that additional support and experience to ensure that projects move from concept to implementation and fruition. At times, our clients would rather concentrate on other matters and let us carry out the function as technical liaison where we coordinate project activities between and within departments. Other times, a client wants to utilize our QSIT experience to upgrade and update their operations. Whatever the reason, we are deployed to help you succeed in your technical endeavors.

Who Uses Our Services?

Whether they are start-up or established, we assist medical device, biotechnology, personal care, and pharmaceutical companies in need of scientific and technical assistance in technical development, technology transfer, training, manufacturing operations, business streamlining, and compliance matters.

Our Services

Timely, Cost Effective, and Professional - The Technical Liaison Group is staffed with knowledgeable, seasoned, operations focused individuals who are well acquainted with the needs of the industry. We provide you with technical solutions that are business oriented and guided by your Quality System. The Technical Liaison Group offers consulting services and products for the pharmaceutical, OTCs, nutritional supplement, biologics, and biomedical industry, including medical devices. Services include Process Development Assistance (Scale-up and Optimization); Technology Transfer; Equipment Qualification; Software, Process, and Analytical Validation; cGMP Compliance Risk Assessments; GAMP, cGMP & QSR Implementation and Audits; Regulatory Submissions and Strategies; and GCP & Bioresearch Audits.